Installation Guide for Developers

– *You must have some html knowledge in order to complete the manual installation, if you don’t, please click here

This guide will show you the 7 steps you need to complete in order to make Treasure Hunt work.

This is the line of code that needs to be added:

<div id="treasure_hunt_clue_cointenair"></div>

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If after reading the procedure below you are still unsure on what to do, let us insert the snippet in your theme for free.

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Treasure Hunt is looking for an HTML <div> in your theme in order to add the clue. If this HTML <div> can’t be found on the product page, Treasure Hunt searches for the HTML component ‘main’. Some themes don’t have a ‘main’ (or in some rare case, some themes are interfering with how the clues are displayed), that’s why we need to add a <div> on your product page. If you know a little bit about HTML, this tutorial should be pretty easy to follow. Again, if anything is unclear, just click here and we will do the work for you. Free.

Using Chrome or Firefox, open a product page, inspect the HTML code and find the <div> that includes all the product (see screenshot).

Log in to your Shopify admin area and select Online Store from the left hand menu.

Select Themes. You’ll see a drop down menu named Actions in the top right corner. Click on this menu and choose Edit code.

Open the liquid file of your product page. You can usually find this file in ‘Sections’ or ‘Snippets’. In some rare cases, it can be found in theme.liquid.

Insert the following snippet INSIDE the <div> AFTER EVERYTHING ELSE (see screenshot).

<div id="treasure_hunt_clue_cointenair"></div>

Click Save (top-right corner).

You are all set, you can now use Treasure Hunt and create a quest!