We don’t see apps as the be-all and end-all of your business.However, we see them as a great tool to create loyal customers and, above all, offer them the best service possible.

Why go mobile?

You’ll sell more, build your brand, loyalty programs and communication, create a perfect environment, reach your customers, analytics.

Perfect for :



Retail stores

Beauty salons


Local tourism

You’ll sell more

Shoppers using a mobile app had a 120% higher conversion rate, 90% higher add-to-basket rate and a whopping 286% more products browsed than shoppers using a mobile browser. Mobile apps accounted for 54% of all mobile transactions in the retail industry (and it’s on the rise month after month).
Source: Critero

Build your brand

Having a well-constructed mobile app will instantly set you apart from the pack. Very few businesses offer a mobile app and even fewer offer a good mobile app. Your brand will gain notoriety and you’ll show that you are serious about your business.

Loyalty programs and communication

Use your mobile app to setup a loyalty program and to inform your customers about news and current promotions. By giving incentives to buy and engaging with your customers, your business will convert at a much higher rate.

Create a perfect environment

You can create the perfect shopping experience for your customers. You won’t have to worry about them opening a new tab or using an out-of-date browser; you’ll be in control of not only the message but also the messenger.

Reach your customers

By using push notifications, you’ll be able to send out powerful and targeted messages without having to worry to go straight from inbox to thrash or, even worse, directly in the spam folder.


Your mobile app will help you understand your customers better. By using this data, a business can improve its overall strategy.

Custom stand-alone app

Whether it’s a game, a productivity tool or a lifestyle app, if you have a great idea and need someone to develop a mobile application for it, we’re here.