The app is installed, you followed the Basic Strategies, now what?


As seen in the Basic Strategies Guide

The pop-up should have minimal text and have a clear call-to-action for your potential customers.


Social Media

Social Media is the perfect place to announce a new website feature like the Bargainator but it’s also where you should engage your audience. Explain what the Bargainator is all about, why it’s fun, what your customers can get from it (the benefits) and link them directly to your Bargain Room if you created one (here’s how, btw).

To help you spread the word, we’ve created those images that can be used on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.

Mailing List

Often painted as an archaic way to reach customers, the mailing list should still be part of your arsenal according to us fine folks at Molsoft (we’ve created One-Armed Bandit, after all).

Subscribing to a mailing list is a way bigger commitment than liking a post or following someone on IG; people that subscribe to your mailing list care about you/your products/your services. Since they care, take the time to explain to them that you have this great new app, what’s in it for them and that they need to go try it. As simple as that.

Again, don’t forget to direct link to your Bargain Room!


Modify Your Homepage

Make sure that your Bargain Section or the fact that you now have the Bargainator working for you is front and center. Your “Bargain Room” should be a menu item, it should never be more than a click away.

Here are some images you can use.


Intervene + Word Of Mouth

You already knew that you can intervene and take the Bargainator’s place and chat directly with your clients, right? Use this to make their experience one-of-a-kind! Be funny, be kind, use funny codes when creating discount coupons… if you make them feel special there’s a good chance that they will tell the whole world. And that’s what you want.

Also, remember that all of this will be almost useless if the Bargainator isn’t well set. Take a look at “The Bargainator: Basic Strategies” and watch your sales grow.