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In our first edition of How to generate traffic on your Shopify Store, I talked about Facebook. Let’s take this to the next level this time: Instagram. It’s a totally different platform, way more visual. Don’t make the mistake to use it exactly like Facebook and copy-paste stuff.

So, I am asking to go deep into your soul to get that artistic side of you out in order to have a killer Instagram feed!

Ready? Let’s go!

  1. Pretty, a lot of pretty!

People go on Instagram for visual entertainment. Most people will not spend a lot of time to read on Instagram. They want to see some pretty, simple, funny, entertaining stuff. All products aren’t always easy to sell, but you also wanna sell the lifestyle that comes with the product. You wanna inspire. Are you the worst photographer on this planet? Hire one to produce some content! Well managed, content production can be a good investment!

For example, the Shopify store June Swimwear sells that surf and travel lifestyle very well, by putting forward their bikinis. They have a clear brand image and a very pretty feed.

I know you’ll tell me: Yes but Jade, girls in bikinis on a beach… it’s kind of easy to sell. That is why I will give you another example of another successful Shopify store: Minaa. They sell bags. They create content with the help of the online community they built, people who travel. This is a good example of crowd-sourced content based on the lifestyle surrounding a product not always easy to shoot.

  1. The link, again!

You should know that it is almost completely useless to put the link to a page in the caption of your Instagram prost. It’s not clickable. You need to put it in your bio, which means the space where you put all of your info at the top of you profile. Don’t forget to tell people the the link is in your bio!

If you have more than 10 000 followers, you can insert a link in a story and tell people to swipe up! It will lead them exactly where you want to! If you already have 10 000 followers, well you probably already know that. Not there yet? Consider 10 000 to be your next goal! 😉

  1. A little bit of $, a little bit of boost!

Just like Facebook, you can boost your Instagram posts. It helps you to reach more people. It’s important to target the right people. You don’t want the add of a pink handbag to land on a 14 years old boy’s feed.

You also have the possibility to create ads. It means that the photo won’t appear on your  profile, only in users’ feed. Be creative, you wanna catch people’s attention, with GIFs, for example!  Here’s a simple example from UNDZ:

The other useful option is the Story Ad, the ad will slide in between other users’ stories. Yep!

4. Talking ‘bout stories…

Use stories as complements to your posts. Let people know that you just posted, drive them to your Instagram profile. Play with it, use animations and funny GIFs to draw attention. A bunch of free apps like Spark Post or Unfold are available for you to use. Stories are a good way to launch contest and to engage with your public. Make them vote, ask questions. The more they engage, the more chances you have to drive them to your website.

  1. Contest, etc.

GIVEAWAYS! They’re everywhere on Instagram. It doesn’t hurt to follow the trend, everyone does it. Instagram contest will help your brand to get noticed and to get more followers (think about that 10 000 followers goal).

Collabs with other brand can be very profitable, but you have to collaborate with brands that will bring you a relevant public. For example, if you have a baby apparel brand, don’t collaborate with a marijuana smoking accessories brand. Ya know?

Well, I think this is a good start. Think content, think pretty!