You can’t just download the app, install it between two pizza bites and hope it will work. Well, you can, but it won’t. Here’s a quick guide on how to get the most out of the Bargainator.

Create a “Bargain” Collection

If you want to use the Bargainator on all of your products, jump straight to the “Choosing the right Negotiation Duration” and promote it section. Time is money, after all!

The first thing we suggest you do is to add a tag to the products that can be bargained.
Here’s how:

Once you’ve done that, it’s time to promote the “Bargain Room” of your Shopify store.

We suggest that you create a menu item that people can access in one click maximum.

And, the most important thing, promote the hell out of your “Bargain Room”!

Here are some tips on how to do so:

  • Make an announcement on social media

We designed the perfect kit to get you started. You can download everything here, it’s free!

  • Add a pop-up that promotes the new bargaining feature of your store

To do so, you can use a popup app or our free custom pop-up:

  1. Create a new snippet in your theme
  2. Copy this code in your snippet and save your snippet
  3. Then you’ll need to copy/paste the following code in your inside the <body> section of your theme.liquid file. Before doing so, you’ll need to change “YOUR-COLLECTION-HANDLE” with the handle of the collection you created
{% include 'bargainator-popup' with bargain_collection: "YOUR-COLLECTION-HANDLE" %}

Wanna drum up even more interest ? The “How The F?#*)$ Do I Promote Bargainator Guide” is for you!


Choosing the Right Negotiation Duration

You want to make the sale ASAP and people get bored fast. It’s a perfect storm. We highly recommend that you use a short (but not too short… let your customers work a little bit!) Negotiation Duration. Something between 3 and 5 reasonable offers is usually the sweet spot. Since small talk doesn’t count as a reasonable offer, customers that just want to talk and have fun with the Bargainator will be able to do so.


Setting the Right Final Offer

If a deal isn’t made during the normal negotiation period, you can make a last offer. Think of it as a Hail Mary: it’s the absolute last offer that the potential client will receive from you. Sometimes your Max Discount Accepted is really the lowest you are willing to go, in that case you assign the same value to your Final Offer, however, we suggest that you sweeten the deal a little bit.


Picking the Right Discount Validity Period

Once a deal is reached, the customer has X minutes/hours to make the purchase. Do yourself a favor and pick a short Discount Validity Period. You want to trigger a fear of missing out and give your customers the little push they sometimes need to complete the purchase.


Test, test, test!

Do some A/B testing, play around with the Negotiation Duration, try different Discount Validity Periods…

This guide gives you an excellent idea of ​​where to start, but by experimenting you will find what works best for your store!

Interested in learning more? You wanna take a look at “How The F?#*)$ Do I Promote Bargainator Guide