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Parmi Lifewear

Parmi Lifewear emerges as a distinctive player in the fashion and apparel industry, embarking on a unique journey with no prior online presence or historical background. The brand sought the expertise of Molsoft to establish its digital footprint, refine the user experience, and construct a sustainable infrastructure. 


Parmi Lifewear


  • Fashion and Apparel

Tech stack

  • Product Comparator
  • Outfit Creator
  • Gorgias
  • Rebuy

Case StudyChallenges

Parmi Lifewear aspires to decategorize an increasingly specialized outdoor industry, challenging the notion that consumers need a separate garment for each activity. The brand's commitment is unpretentious, and dedicated to future generations and those who relish the great outdoors. This dedication manifests in a philosophy that transforms the company narrative into a sustainability story. Parmi Lifewear positions itself at the intersection where expertise converges. With a diverse team, the brand aims to become a trusted Canadian reference in the outdoor industry, advancing ideas while simplifying the outdoor experience for everyone.

Parmi needed to create a website with an intuitive and attractive user experience. The biggest challenge was to create a platform without an established online presence, which made the design process more complex. Balancing the need to drive sales by introducing educational content was a challenge for Parmi, which aimed to retain its customer base while providing valuable product information online. 



Parmi Lifewear's project was not a migration; it involved building the brand's online presence from scratch. The challenges faced by Parmi were considerable. An online platform had to be created that was not only visually appealing but also intuitive while dealing with the complexities of developing content without an established online presence. In addition, finding a balance between driving sales and providing educational content was a major challenge, as Parmi wanted to retain its loyal customer base while informing potential customers about its unique products and philosophy.

To address these challenges, Molsoft adopted a strategic approach, focusing on custom theme development and defining Parmi's online user experience. They ensured that the infrastructure they built was simple yet robust, and suitable to manage efficiently. By implementing a phased approach to website development, Molsoft allowed Parmi to gradually build its online presence, starting with a landing page to generate interest, followed by a soft launch with a reduced product catalog, and finally, a full offering launch. Molsoft and Parmi were thus able to control and optimize all customer journey points while positioning the site in search engines to gain visibility.

¨Our Trail Never Ends¨

Case StudyResult

Through its collaboration with Molsoft, Parmi has succeeded in establishing a robust digital presence that authentically reflects its brand ethos. Molsoft's expertise in developing custom themes, defining the brand's online user experience and implementing a progressive approach to website development proved crucial in overcoming these obstacles.

Parmi has positioned itself as a trusted reference in the Canadian outdoor industry by leveraging a variety of new technologies including Klaviyo, Rebuy, Sezzle, and Gorgias. The introduction of bespoke features such as the Outfit Creator and Product Comparison tool has enhanced the shopping experience for customers, reinforcing Parmi's commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction.

Strategic planning, collaborative efforts, and an unwavering commitment to excellence marked the collaboration between Parmi Lifewear and Molsoft has resulted in a seamless user experience and a platform ready for growth.

Parmi LifewearParmi Lifewear
Parmi LifewearParmi Lifewear
Parmi LifewearParmi Lifewear

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