The First Negociation Chatbot!

What : At its core, the Bargainator is a chatbot. Basically, it’s an app powered by artificial intelligence which conducts real-time conversations via textual methods with your customers.

How : It’s actually a pretty straightforward process. You choose on which products you want the Bargainator enabled, you pre-set a maximum discount, and we do the rest.

Treasure Hunt

Why not go treasure hunting?

What : Increase time on site and page views + funnel visitors to specific products in a specific order.

How : Treasure Hunt uses gamification to make sure potential clients follow a customizable presetted path on your Shopify store.


Who doesn’t like to play slots?

What : Grow your email list.

How : One-Armed Bandit is a gamified pop-up that offers customizable prizes to potential customers in exchange of their email address.


Sometimes, you need to set limits.

What: MinCart makes sure a client can’t check out if the parameters you set regarding minimum order total and/or minimum/maximum quantity on specific items aren’t met.

How: Nothing fancy here, it’s a javascript that runs when the checkout page loads.