We recently launched our new Shopify App: Bargainator.

While it’s super fun and efficient to have a chatbot that interacts with customers at all times, you need to actually have customers going from products to products on your website in order to make profit!

There is no miracle recipe to generate huge traffic, but as a social media specialist (yeah I’m a millennial) I can give you a few tips and tricks…

Social Media are kind of a gold mine, but you gotta dig pal! So today, we’ll focus on Facebook, a platform widely popular with brands.


  1. First things first: The link to your page

Don’t make them look for it, make sure that the link to your website is visible and clickable: easy access! Put it in your About section, put it in your photos captions if appropriate and in every Facebook activity having the potential to drive users to your store.

  1. Engaging Content

It’s free and it’s no secret! You have to publish content that engages your public. Tell them what’s up! And don’t forget your Call To Action to get them to click on your link!

How often should you post?

Every day, if possible. You should however prioritise quality over quantity! And don’t post more than twice a day on Facebook, it’s not an information overload contest!

NEW: You can now target you public when you post. It gives you a way better shot at getting good reach and engagement. You can target according to location, interest, age, etc. It’s pretty fantastic, according to me.

You can create a Facebook Ad or boost your posts. Facebook lets you choose among various strategies and you can also target your public. Learn more about it on Facebook Business and Facebook Blueprint, where you can take online classes.

  1. Make sure users are directed to the right page

Users generally spend less than a minute on a website, which means they spend a few seconds on a page. You have to make sure they find the info or product they are looking for, and quick: Direct them to the right landing page!

  1. The Holy Pixel

The Facebook Pixel lets you target your audience even more precisely. Every time a customer performs an action, the pixel is triggered and signal this action. You will then be able to target this customer again. The principle is easy: the more conversions, the more precise your targeting will be (awe-some)! If you ever thought it was a funny coincidence that you were seeing shoes ads after visiting a certain shoe brand website.. well now you know!

And to end this, here’s a pug giving you a high five!